Vision to Action day

This September 2022 marks 2 years since we launched the Decathlon Vision V21.1. 

Since then, a lot has happened, and you have gone from Vision to Action! There have been many initiatives and projects that have been linked to one or more of the 5 targets of our co-constructed Vision.

We need your help to collect as many projects as possible that you have created in line with Vision V21.1. 

What we intend to do is to compile all these projects/initiatives and highlight some of them during the Vision to Action Day which will take place in October later this year. You can discover here ‘how’ you can send us your projects.

Did you create a project aligned with the Vision?

Help us to collect all the projects by filling this template. How to do that?

1. Click on the button below.

2. Make a copy of the document in Drive. (Click on ‘file’ – > ‘make a copy’ -> ‘entire presentation’ -> Button ‘make a copy’).

3. Fill it with your project which is aligned with one or more theme of the Vision 21.1.

4. Change the name of the document for “Your project name – Vision Project capitalisation.”

You’re not a Vision Relay anymore?

Fill this form bellow and we will contact the new Vision Relay