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It’s 2030, I’m leaving home to play tennis with a friend I met in a tennis community. I booked the tennis court on a booking platform. I will have the opportunity to test a tennis racket that belongs to the community of tennis players for free. I also booked on a platform a tennis coach who will teach my friend and me how to play tennis. I am ordering a self-driving car using a platform. On the way to the club, the self-driving electric car will pick up someone who wants to go to the same place, in order to reduce transport costs. After the match, I order food from a platform to deliver to the tennis club so that I can have lunch with my friend. I have authorized:
– the tennis and coaching platform to own and use private data related to my passion for tennis, my availability, the cities and places where I can play.
-the car-sharing platform to have my personal contact so that I can receive the invoice, get information about the car, be able to contact someone from the car sharing company if I forget something in the car, if necessary
– the food platform to know my tastes so that they can offer me what I like, some promotions related to what I like.
My privacy is well respected by the platforms because clear guidelines (including heavy financial penalties if not respected) have been established between the authorities (international-national-local agreements) and these platform companies. Consumer protection authorities are very powerful and one of their main tasks is to ensure compliance with the guidelines.

Ildefonso Gomez

Jean Francois Mace

Country Leader of Decathlon Romania 

Bucharest, Romania

It is 2030. I leave the house when I notice the video cameras on every street corner. They follow me everywhere and at first I was very skeptical about it. But then I realized that if I got mugged on the street or if a car hit me in the crosswalk, the police could immediately take decisive action for my well-being because everything would be in front of the camera. I can let my grandchildren walk to school or take the bus, knowing that at all times they are safe and that someone is watching over them. Having cameras all over town was very annoying at first until we realized that they were used exclusively for our benefit and protection. Crime and theft are a thing of the past now, so yes, we don’t really have privacy outside of our homes but we are safe there. However, inside our homes the situation is completely different. As the internet has become a basic human right, IT companies have reinvented themselves and instead of selling internet services today they specialize in selling security services so that my webcams, smart devices and internet experience are at all times away from prying eyes. Besides the Internet, human / digital privacy is also a fundamental human right today, as enforced by the Worldwide Human Individual Privacy Act (WHIPA) agreements. WHIPA started to have supporters around the world since the Cambridge Analytica scandals in 2016 and the GDPR privacy rules were just the beginning. People around the world have started to wonder what kind of future they want to live in. Within the Human Rights Council, the need for even greater privacy protection of what we do or say in our personal life has started to show up even more often. Today I am very confident and happy with the limits of my privacy and I understand that some things will be public, like my face for facial recognition software on the street, to determine if I am a thief or a murderer and I feel safer for it. Plus, I can keep my own share of privacy, like my conversations, thoughts, photos, relationships, feelings, and decisions. I think it’s essential to continue to feel human today and tomorrow.

Ildefonso Gomez

Bogdan Iscu

Country Sport Leader for Fitness United

Bucharest, Romania

It’s the year of 2030, when I leave the house and I get a very interesting theme from a friend of mine. The project he talks about includes recycling all the fallen leaves, which will be turned into paper. Reading that, I was thinking: Wow, what a great alternative to stop clearing the forests and it’s fun to breathe some fresh air now, wherever you are!

Ildefonso Gomez

Alexandru Pogacean

Omni-commerce Sport Leader

Târgu Mureș, Romania


In the world of tomorrow, I will enter the 20th Decathlon store in Singapore. Most things will be automated. All checkouts will be cashless and inventory will be carried out by robots or through automated systems. Customers will be able to test 100% of our products before purchasing. Customers can also arrange payment and delivery via their phone in the aisle. In tomorrow’s world, teammates might spend more time sharing sports and maybe even playing sports with clients.

Ildefonso Gomez

Nicolas Wong

Omni-Channel Sport Leader (B’TWIN)


In 10 years, I want all the children to remember us. As they grow they become our users, they grow up with Decathlon. We are able to achieve this if our vision is to have our 100% user experience where users are truly able to try or test the products with 100% effectiveness. I want to see badminton courts, tennis courts, full range of archery, real fishing pond etc. My children in the future would really like this sports experience because we are the sports users who pass this on to our future generation.

Ildefonso Gomez

Cayon Lau

Sports Leader (Badminton & Tennis)


By 2030, all stores would be 100% cashless because there will be many more payment methods invented. All Decathlon stores will be experience based which means all customers can test 100% of our products in our store. Decathlon will have 100% satisfied customers and teammates. Decathlon can organize Sports Days with the public using our sports products to increase awareness of our sports products. In this way, we are able to bond with our potential customers and also increase our awareness across the globe 🙂 In 2030, I will be married and I will take my children to our Decathlon Experience stores to discover all the different types of sports available under ONE ROOF.

Ildefonso Gomez

Ashley Maisarah

Sports Leader of Fitness Soft Training



Let’s go to 2030 to turn off the lights that I produced myself without impacting the environment. I use my non-polluting means of transport and I walk the streets that capture my speed to produce new energies. I eat locally produced food in a restaurant run by a non-profit cooperative, with natural foods, no chemicals whose waste is used for the production of novel foods. All the products I have used have been made through the reuse of other products and will also allow us to produce new ones in the future without using new raw materials, generating a circular and local economy.

Ildefonso Gomez

Ildefonso Gomez

Commercial Director of Insurance Service

Madrid, Spain

South Africa 

In 2030, I would walk freely. My community would be safer. My family would be safer. I would be more confident. I would be independent. I would not be worried and I would have no guilt towards the women and the children who are currently going through this. It would change my global view of the world and my responsibility would be focused on preserving this land. I wouldn’t be afraid to listen to the news. I would appreciate the value of men more. There would only be queens walking this earth. Women will have changed the world from a selfish society to a motherly society where we all care for each other, where humanity is kind and compassionate and bold and proud, yet humble and strong.

Ildefonso Gomez

Bhavishka Satiyadev

Legal Partner

Johannesburg, South Africa


I am in 2030 and I am leaving my house when I hear on the radio that the last vessel using gasoline was on display at the museum. Bio-waste and controlled solar-powered ships are in service in 2030. All vehicles will be powered with bio-waste and public transport will be free.

Ildefonso Gomez

Deniz Karabulut

Bike and Roller Sports Team Leader 

St. Gallen, Switzerland


In the morning of 2030, I was watching TV and enjoying my breakfast. Television broadcast reports that the United Nations government was working this year with the Moon and Earth regions to formulate new production guidelines for zero pollution products and zero pollution energy. Galactic scientists are working with the government to develop a pollution-free world.

Ildefonso Gomez

Neil Pan

Baseball Sports Leader

Ping Tung, Taiwan

It’s 2030. I left home early in the morning and I took my puppy to the park. After the puppy excreted on the grass, I took out the decomposing waste bag, packed it, and buried it in the grass next to it. The treatment bag will automatically and immediately decompose the excrement and the bag itself and convert it into nutrients for the soil to absorb. There will be no failure to clean up or remove the smell. We are making the environment better!

Ildefonso Gomez

Leo Xu

Basketball Leader

Pingtung, Taiwan

It’s 2030, the creation of value does not only occur through the production of economic value but also through the creation of environmental and societal value. This is why Decathlon is now a societal leader, especially thanks to Decathlon Foundation, which has helped reduce inequalities throughout the world for several years. In addition, Decathlon dares to speak out against various governments to defend its values. On the environmental level, Decathlon has succeeded in setting up a totally circular economy, thus generating a positive impact for the planet.

Ildefonso Gomez

Jacques Cheng

Component Engineer & Quality Production Leader

Taichung, Taiwan

It’s 2030, I left home early in the morning and took a train to Taitung to travel. While enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way, I was enjoying a delicious breakfast. When I finished eating, I threw the container out of the window. It will disappear in six hours and turn into dust and fertilizer for plant growth. Our outdoors will become more green!

Ildefonso Gomez

Chen Chen

Cross Training & Bodybuilding Sport Leader

Ping Tung, Taiwan


In 2030, all Decathlon stores are one big shopping centre. We have sports playgrounds to provide a good product and a place to connect with our users. We are a new mall with advanced technology such as voice assistance and robots can help with basic tasks and administrative tasks. We will make our stores always new, up to date and interesting with all the technology. The main responsibility of our teammates is to play sports with our users, to share their experience and to create a wonderful place where everyone can play sports with a good community.

Ildefonso Gomez

Narin Kheereesantikul (Zor)

Trekking Country Sport Leader

Bangkok, Thailand


It’s 2030, we have developed all our skills and each of us has developed our activity (personal project) at the service of the community. The organization of work is no longer based on trades but rather on the provision of services. It is not linked to a fixed workplace but rather to free electrons. We can meet anywhere and anytime to innovate and create value.

Ildefonso Gomez

Marwen Benyoussef

Operational Process Manager & PZP

Soussa, Tunisia

What if we are opening our first store on Mars in 2030? I am happy to share with you that I have been involved in the design and development of these products because as you all know I am brilliant at it. Preparing for the opening won’t be that easy, but it’s worth it. All the media and people are talking about this event, this exclusive victory for Decathlon. The store contains specific products for those who live there. After being accessible to the greatest number on Earth, we have now taken the next level. We just did it!

Ildefonso Gomez

Ahlem Farhat

Industrialization Production Leader

Sousse, Tunisia

It’s 2030, I leave my home on my bicycle to go to work after eating healthily, no more industrial products. There are no cars circulating, our environment is green, our planet no longer suffers, everyone plays sports, in good physical and mental shape. The fuel use is limited to necessary needs and any violation will be reported, no more toxic releases, energy consumption is measured, controlled and limited. All living species will be happy and will live in a peaceful environment.

Ildefonso Gomez

Yosra Belghith

Industrialisation Production Leader

Sousse, Tunisia

We are in 2030, everyone is digitized and we are connected with this world thanks to artificial intelligence. The physical presence does not matter because one will be accessible from any place at any time. We have managed to live with zero paper and we can handle everything remotely. There will be more physical stores. You will receive your request at home within two hours maximum with one single click. All our efforts will be centralized to improve our connectivity.

Ildefonso Gomez

Hallouma Khalelteif

Supply Production Leader

Sousse, Tunisia