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It is 2030. I will leave the house when it is environmentally friendly. What if?

1) Agriculture is mandatory in all families. We eat what we grow.

2) We create robots that do inhuman tasks.

3) Sport can be done by all (irrespective of different abilities) by virtual reality.

4) There are domestic area for animals.

Ildefonso Gomez

Janani Gunasekaran

Omni Sport Leader

Chennai, India


I leave my home in 2030 and I see: A group of 20 people on a sports field who are together, happy, having fun. A group of different cultures, of all ages, of all compositions. And who, despite physical disabilities, practice sports together. Because sport is central to our lives, emissions decrease, drug consumption decreases, conflicts subside. Let us be a company that produces sports articles but also tools that help anyone, even a diminished one, to practice their sport.

Ildefonso Gomez

Guillaume Wenseleers

Warehouse Manager

Tel-Aviv, Israel


It’s 2030, I wake up in the morning and have a daughter who massages my whole body before having breakfast (psycho-physical well-being is essential), then I start my work digitally via PC and during the break everyone is doing sport via an app which allows us to bring together people who are locally close. It is only in this way that I arrive in the evening always active and smiling! Relaxation, sharing and work are the perfect trinomial!

Ildefonso Gomez

Mariagrazia Quaranta

Store Operation & Staff Administration Leader

San Cataldo, Italy

I imagine a world where technology is at the service of man, which makes it possible to simplify and save time. It will be a very fast-paced world where people will choose to shop at the establishment that gives them the most enjoyable shopping experience. To have more customers, it will be essential for all of us to develop our relationship skills, empathy and negotiation, as well as kindness. Knowing how to give the right advice and develop relationships will be the basis of our profession.

Ildefonso Gomez

Francesca De Col

Department Manager & Recruiting Manager

Verona, Italy

Today I meet my Decathlon trainer with whom I made an appointment to work on the downhill technique. I do not meet him physically but thanks to virtual and augmented reality, it is as if he was there. The class I do with other people from the Decathlon community that I met a year ago. My Decathlon app recommends that I wear a long-sleeved shirt and raincoat because where I will go is expecting rain during the session and it is not advised to wear a short-sleeved shirt at this temperature. Arriving on site, my bike is ready and adjusted for me and for the path that I will have to make. The bike is not mine but it is shared so it will always be ready, updated, and will always be the best for me.

Ildefonso Gomez

Daniele Migliorati

Local Leader

Arezzo, Italy

It is January 1, 2030 and today I will be able to connect by call with a group of friends. Today we are going to write a project that brings value to our respective brands. We live in remote cities but we have no problem sharing sensitive data and strategies because our companies are guided by the creation of value for the territory, economic sustainability is no longer a problem. All companies that share a commercial playground combine their financial statements and professional performance are interchangeable between different brands. The other half of my day will be spent in the city parks which are now a real form of investment in the region.

Ildefonso Gomez

Fabio Silvestri

Staff Administration Leader

Rome, Italy

It’s Monday March 25 … 2030, I have just had breakfast and I am leaving the house because today I have to open the shop. I also did the opening last Saturday. The shop is only a hundred meters from my home, I arrive and lift the shutter and it shows on the sign: Riverside – travelers for travelers – by Decathlon. Inside, travel bikes, attached and connected, like tents or inner tubes, for those who pass by, the opportunity to stop and say a few words, share their adventures or even simply take a coffee. In 2030, we will be able to open small single-brand franchise stores and take a new step forward by helping to create value for us, for Decathlon.

Ildefonso Gomez

Davide Ghelli

Omnichannel Sport Leader 

Genova, Italy

What if in 2030, sport becomes the social bond that binds all social classes, effectively canceling out the differences between classes? I wake up today on February 26, 2030. I want to go for a bike ride and it is 30° outside, the climate has changed a lot in the last 10 years. I want to ride a bike and go to a park where I take a shared bike. Decathlon offers us the possibility of enjoying sporting goods with a monthly subscription, giving me the possibility of unlimited use of sporting equipment from different sports with one subscription, as much as I want. Technology allows us to manage everything from our smartphone. Thanks to innovations in the medical field, even at 80 years old I can play sports without limits.

Ildefonso Gomez

Davide di Punzio

Workshop Technician

Roma, Italy

Agility, sustainability, intelligence and automation are the key words of the future in the logistics network sector. The storage and distribution of products has become increasingly interactive and linked to intelligent multimedia systems. Until a few years ago, 3D printing, the internet of things, delivery with drones and augmented reality were science fiction, today it is the reality. The warehouse is managed by radio frequency using the lighting system to pick up the goods. The stock is free, without packaging, envelopes or cardboard. The picking will be correct thanks to the article number. The collection cart follows me and already knows where to go to collect it.

Ildefonso Gomez

Car Campania Team


Napoli, Italy

It’s 2030, today I participate in an outdoor day with my children. There are many people with us, many families and we are all united by the desire to do something for the environment. We are all convinced that setting an example is a way to share a sense of responsibility and mindfulness. In addition to Decathlon, schools, WWF, eco-sustainable companies and renewable energy producers also participate. At the beginning, we devote ourselves to cleaning the beach where we walk. Then, we will touch by hand what it does with recycled materials, we will see how solar power can quickly charge a phone, we lie on sheets created with production waste. By combining ideas and sharing the strength and tools of each individual actor, things can be changed.

Ildefonso Gomez

Agnese Calabro

Sport Advisor

Roma, Italy

It is the morning of March 11, 2030, and as usual I wake up numb as I fell asleep on the sofa in front of the television. Even today it will be a day of racing, although I must say that the satellite leash that allowed my dog to wander around the country safely allowed me to sleep those 20 more minutes which, as always, are very precious. Alexa’s news is like every day comforting: yesterday the Government of Somalia allocated funds to help Venice manage the tides. In fact, there is great global sensitivity in preserving this heritage, because we ALL have been lucky enough to admire a good part of it through virtual / sensory tours. Thanks to technology we feel the people and the wonders of other nations so much closer that we can experience moments of real life through their 5 senses while being thousands of kilometers away. Through this great shared global empathy, we now know what it means to cross the Amazon River admiring the colors of the parrots, but also seeing the destruction of deforestation; we know what the great barrier reef is, and we admire its sad fall; we have seen the last rhinos running around, crying over the madness of our parents. All these have just begun but I feel deep in my heart that this will take us to a new stage in relationships with others, in relationships with everyone: I can really know what you are trying, eating or seeing. I’m sure that today will be a wonderful day too, because I will know who I will be dealing with today: with people like me.

Ildefonso Gomez

Giovanni Beninato

Warehouse Staff Administration Leader

Bologna, Italy

It’s 2030, I’m leaving home to go to work… Oh no, I don’t need to take the car, I work in the park with employees from other companies and I get around by bicycle. I have a shared car with zero emissions. I no longer need my personal car because the public transport network is so developed and sustainable that I use buses and the metro. Tonight I went to pick some vegetables and fruit in the garden that I share with other neighbors. I only work 4 hours a day because industrial automation has allowed us to devote our time to the environment and to sharing. The air is good. Parks and green spaces have tripled…

Ildefonso Gomez

Isabella Riva

Warehouse Operation Leader

Turin, Italy


What if, in 2030, I enjoyed a meal created by technology without using water, animals and nature, so all the nature there is for enjoying. A playground for animals and people.

Ildefonso Gomez

Bart Ongenaet

Project Leader of “Sell To/Through Others”

Nishinomiya, Japan

In 2030, we believe that there will be a beneficial solution for humans and the environment regarding the problem of plastic and air pollution. There will be a device where every household can use plastic as an energy source by burning used plastic. We also recognize that the combustion will create toxic fumes so the device will come with a filtration process so that there is only clean air coming out of the burning plastic. The fumes will also be transformed into gas which will be used as energy.

Ildefonso Gomez

Kento Wada

Golf Sport Leader

Nishinomiya, Japan