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By Ceci Yip

Facing the global challenge on health, climate and pollution, the sustainability team in Decathlon Spain has launched the Mobility Project in 2020. The objective is to reduce carbon emissions while promoting a healthier lifestyle by shifting to a more sustainable mode of transportation. The project brings positive impact from local to country level, and eventually to the global level.

In order to achieve the goal, an ecosystem of teammates, clients and the local network is involved. There are five strategies revolving around this ecosystem, and concrete actions are derived from each strategy.

Sustainable Mobility Project of Decathlon Spain

Mobility Project of Decathlon Spain (Discover More)

Actions deployed in 2020

1. Mobility Survey Tool

The sustainability team sees the importance of using data to generate strategies and actions. Therefore, they designed and launched a national mobility survey to teammates and customers to understand their use of transportation to access the Decathlon stores. There were 2,800 responses collected, which contributed to the strategies of the mobility project. Furthermore, the survey template has been made available to other countries to replicate and adapt it locally.

2. Bike Parking

Decathlon Spain started to install bike parking inside and outside its stores in July 2020. The reason for improving the bicycle infrastructure is to motivate teammates and customers to come to the stores by bike. Last year, there were 37 stores with bike parking installed, and it is aiming to reach 95 stores in 2021.

3. Mobility App

The launch of the mobility app is to improve teammates’ participation in eco-mobility. The application allows the team to create mobility challenges among stores and with other companies, provide incentives, facilitate carpooling, manage bicycle fleets, transmit road information and environmental statistics. The gamification was effective – 1,726 teammates have downloaded the app and 1,022 are actively using it.

4. Alliance with local entities

The team joined the working groups of the National Environmental Congress in Spain and “Mobility Tables” to discuss the measures to improve mobility in the city. Moreover, they signed an agreement to collaborate with over 500 local municipalities to promote the use of bikes and scooters and share road safety information. Lastly, some stores work with the local police office on the materials for bike patrols, and the education on mobility regulation in the city.

5. European Mobility Week

To raise awareness on sustainable urban mobility, Decathlon Spain joined the European Mobility Week organised by the European Commission on 16 to 22 September 2020. An online campaign was launched to promote active and sustainable mobility with videos, surveys, articles and streaming events. The campaign topics were mainly about urban mobility, road safety, bike maintenance and repairing, and the promotion of electric bikes. 

Normally, grand cycling events are organised in different cities in Spain every year to make leisure cycling accessible to families. However, due to the sanitary restrictions in 2020, the team changed the strategy to promote the mobility challenge to the citizens by tracking their green kilometres with the Mobility App. Bike repairing workshops for customers and road safety education for schools were also organised in the stores and their parking areas. The team aims to continue the organisation of city cycling events and workshops for the local community when the situation improves.

Change brought by the project

Luis COSTA, the initiator of the mobility project, anticipated several changes brought by the project. Firstly, by launching mobility challenges and providing more incentives for active mobility, teammates will become healthier and happier. Secondly, the local community will gradually change their mode of transportation from cars to clean transport with the raise of awareness and better infrastructure. Thirdly, the project can serve as an inspiration and example for other companies to start being committed to sustainable mobility.

“We might not be the champion of electric cars or bikes, but we can be the champion of active mobility. Apart from selling the products, we need to be more present by acting locally and being a reference of active mobility. We can communicate and promote this change, not only for reducing our carbon emissions but for promoting a healthy lifestyle.”

– Luis COSTA

Project initiators


Ecomobility Referent at Decathlon Spain/United



Sustainability Country Leader at Decathlon Spain

Sergio González


Climate Change and CO2 Manager at Decathlon Spain