Site Transformation of Decathlon Surrey Quays


London, UK

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By Ceci Yip

Decathlon Surrey Quays is a 10,000 square metres site combining the flagship store and offices in London, UK. With the surge of online sales reaching more than 30% YTD, the team urges to redefine the added value of the site to the digital ecosystem in order to stay appealing and preserve customer flow. The new “Decathlon Local Hub” will enhance the local relationship and try to increase positive impacts on life and access to sport for the local population.

“Surrey Quays is an incredible opportunity in a city where going in a store takes more time and costs than ordering a product online. We need to propose sharp additional promises, an ultra technical offer, the capacity to see, touch and try our products, and a unique human experience between passionate people, while decreasing our sleeping stock and the number of sqm, this is a nice equation, much more with less!”

Eric MAZILLIER, Leader of Decathlon UK

Vision targets as filters

The objective of the project is to create a place to represent Decathletes and enable unique customer experience apart from the online store. Delphine MAZILLIER is the Site Leader at Decathlon Surrey Quays, as well as a Vision Relay for the UK. Having these two roles closely correlating each other, she understands and aligns with the Vision fully and strives to translate them into concrete actions. Therefore, she started to co-write the project with the team by using the Vision targets as filters to guide their directions.

Inclusive and open to all

Delphine found the most important lesson she learnt from the Vision process was using collective intelligence, and she advocates this method in other projects. The team lined up with the site developer and agreed on a common vision of creating positive impacts on the surrounding community. Furthermore, teammates in the store and office also contributed their dreams to the site development. Listening to different stakeholders does not only help sharpen the convictions, it also makes it easier to get people on board.

The dream Decathlon Hub

The Hub is imagined to be very lively, warm, full of people and activities. The team wants to bring people together, give hope and positive impacts on the community. By putting the focus on bringing unique lifestyle and sporty experience, it is believed that the sales turnover can be doubled in five years.

“Either we build a very strong and coherent project aligned with our company mission and vision, or we just try to avoid taking risks, and I really believe that it’s the right time to dare. Success really depends on us.”



Site Leader at Decathlon Surrey Quays