ReSantéz-Vous – The groundbreaking Sport-Health project


France | Grenoble

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By Ceci Yip

While physical activity has well-known health benefits, research also shows its power during recovery from a disease or traumatic experience. This is why Decathlon Grenoble launched its long term Sport-Health project – ReSantéz-vous. The name of the project is a play on French words, carrying the meanings of “ressentir” (feel) and “se remettre en santé” (restore to health). By developing a local health network to provide curative care through sport products, services and activities, it aims to help the citizens in Grenoble fully recover from illness and regain health and happiness in life. 

Marie PINEL, a leader having years of experience in Human Resources, explained that the health problems of her parents triggered the creation of this project. During the time she frequently accompanied her parents to the rehabilitation centers and communicated with the physiotherapists, she felt the urge to promote sport and health in the company and society. The project goal is to serve humans, develop Sport-Health strategies and embody the Decathlon Vision.

The project was launched with an ecosystem of medical professionals, sports clubs and coaches, and sports users. They are interdependent in the ecosystem to promote a healthy living environment in Grenoble. The actions deployed mainly serve these three groups of people:

Partnership with medical professionals

A network is created in Grenoble involving the hospitals, rehabilitation centers, physiotherapists and osteopaths. Marie and her team actively connect with the doctors to understand the pathologies. The medical knowledge helps to deduce which Decathlon products, services or activities can be adapted to the rehabilitation after an illness or injury. Meanwhile, certain passion brands in Decathlon also started working with the medical professionals on innovating products and validating product quality with an aspect of health. On the other hand, the team introduces Decathlon Pro to the medical professionals to support their patients’ revival with a wide product offering and partner network.

Enhancing Decathlon Activities

Decathlon Activities is a platform to connect clubs, coaches and users with sport activities. The objective is to extend the activities to the traumatised patients in Grenoble and support them along their recovery process. They will be accompanied by Decathlon and medical professionals to do sport activities according to their needs and health conditions.

Engaging the stores

It is targeted that 100% of Decathlonians in Grenoble will communicate and advocate the project. Hence, four local stores are engaged in it. Medical professionals are invited to conduct training to the retail teammates on giving health and sport advice. For example, they can recommend suitable sport activities and products for rehabilitation after breast cancer. By increasing the general medical knowledge in stores, it can improve the access of preventive and curative health care for the public.

Health and Local Living

Marie believes the project will contribute largely to Decathlon Vision’s first target of being a health partner, as it maximises the utilisation of products and services to improve health. It also aligns with the Local Living target because there are 200 teammates in Grenoble who are engaged in the project and acting for the well-being of all local citizens. When the project is mature, the team has an ambition to duplicate the model in other cities in France and worldwide.

“The doctors are impressed by our energy and dynamism, as they didn’t know we are committed to health. We do not build this project for profit but for a societal commitment. It is our corporate responsibility on health, as there are obesity and health problems all over the world.”

– Marie PINEL

Project initiator
Marie Pinel


Human Resources Leader at Decathlon Isère Hautes Alpes