Partnership with Red January: improve mental health through sports


London, UK

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By Ceci Yip

RED January is a nationwide movement that promotes an active lifestyle to support our mental health. Decathlon Surrey Quays started the collaboration with it to launch a digital campaign in January 2021 to raise the awareness of the necessity to engage in sports activities. The goal is to inspire people to join the campaign by pushing communication and building teams in the store to make sports challenges.

Aligned with Vision Health Target

Hannah Beecham, Founder of RED January, founded the movement after witnessing her own mother recovering from severe depression because of regular exercise. The Decathlon team in London thought it could be the same story faced by thousands of people in the UK, and the campaign is very aligned with the Health target of the Vision, to promote a mindful way of living through sports. Therefore, it became natural to support the campaign with the right partner who shares the same values and purpose.

Learn with the Partner

The campaign will be run in January 2021 with the support of Decathlonians in Surrey Quays. The team will then analyse the data and generate the result after one month. Further actions will depend on the result as it is a learning and growing process with the partner. 

The team hopes to turn it into a long-term project to raise everyone’s awareness and inspire other Decathlon stores to join the initiative.

Red January
Project initiator

Delphine MAZILLIER  

Site Leader at Decathlon Surrey Quays