Partnership with a local startup to bring plastic waste back to life


Lannion, France

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By Ceci Yip

Apart from the daily household waste that we recycle, there are wastes in the retail that are more difficult to be recycled and reused. The Decathlon store in Lannion, France hence started a partnership with Millennium, a workshop located less than 2 km from the store, to collect the plastic waste and give a second life to it. The goal is to have no more incineration and burial for this waste.

The partnership began in February 2021, when collection bins were installed in the store and the delivery dock for classifying different wastes, especially the hard and rigid plastic. This plastic waste can be found in bike components, product packaging, and advertising materials. They are collected and sent to the recycling partner, then the Millennium team will sort and re-evaluate the plastic waste to transform it into modular and 100% recyclable furniture.

Plastic waste transformed it into 100% recyclable furniture

Decathlonians in Lannion are very engaged in the project and the project initiator, Jérémy LE GOFF, is surprised to see the impact. The recycling practice for plastic, paper, cartons and irons has been applied in the store for 6 years, but this partnership especially arouses teammates’ interest and engagement in classifying every material that could be recycled. Jérémy thinks that the partnership can reassure teammates about where and how the plastic waste will be handled afterwards, and it is believed to be the major factor of the motivation and active participation.

Decathlon Lannion is the first store who initiated the partnership and there is a high possibility for other stores in the region to participate in the same project. In the future, the team aims to mobilise not only the teammates but also the customers, local community and nearby retailers to join hands and save the planet.

“Recycling is not so difficult, it is a small act that everyone can do. The things you do at home can also be brought to your workplace. Instead of seeking big achievements, always begin with small and simple actions, then implement it in all places to make a bigger impact.” 

– Jérémy LE GOFF

Project initiator
Jérémy LE GOFF

Jérémy LE GOFF  

Workshop Technician at Decathlon Lannion