Decathlon Tunisia: opening the doors for suppliers to join the Decathlon Vision and projects


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By Ceci Yip


Fadwa WHIBI  

OLAIAN Quality / Industrialization Production Leader at Decathlon Tunisia

The Vision is inclusive and open to all, not only to our stores, teammates, customers, but also to our partners. As a Vision Relay and Production Leader in Tunisia, Fadwa demonstrates this feature perfectly in her daily role. She integrates the Vision in her team project and involves the suppliers in the co-creation process.

After the Vision was globally launched in September 2020, Fadwa presented and explained it to the Proxy team i.e., production team in Tunisia. A workshop was conducted to explain the 5 targets and generate local actions. At that time, the Proxy project Mouja 1.0 was already in place, but the team decided to review it together and align it to the Vision. They have put in more elements and refined the project yet kept the project timeline for 2026.

Based on the 3 axes created in Mouja 1.0, the team organised a big collaborative workshop inviting 5 strategic suppliers to contribute their ideas and co-write the project. Later, Mouja 2.0 was written, which meant “Wave” in Arabic. The 3 final axes in the project include 1) the pursuit of responsiveness and flexibility of the team; 2) forming an exemplary industrial ecosystem with the suppliers; and 3) becoming a talent connector that boosts the People and the Projects.

Mouja 2.0 Project Outline (in French)

Mouja 2.0 Project Outline (in French)

For the suppliers, it was their first experience to co-write a project with Decathlon. They found it very innovative and interesting. Some suppliers were inspired by the Vision and they wanted to create their own company Vision and projects using the same methodology. Thanks to inclusivity, the Proxy team and the suppliers are turning a new page in their collaboration. They are working on co-conception of some products and the suppliers are handling the technical files.

For the Deathlonians in Tunisia, they think the Vision touches several points that they already wanted to work on. Now they feel involved, inspired, and proud of the actions that they plan to take in the future. They also see the importance of taking actions and realising their dream together. Fadwa is now working with her Country Leader, Yann PAVIOT, to grow the Vision Relay network. Apart from her representing the production team, 5 other Vision Relays have joined the Vision from different stores. They have decided the actions to be performed in each store, hence the 5 targets are now ready to co-evolve in Tunisia.

Regarding the change that will be brought by the Vision, Fadwa finds the most important one to be the mindset of both the suppliers and Decathlonians. They will both develop an ecological thinking and build a connected network which is beyond geographical limitation. With the Vision and actions that will be carried out with the suppliers, they aim to bring a positive impact and influence a bigger community in Tunisia.

“If our suppliers do not exist tomorrow, us, the Proxy team will not exist either. Therefore, it is very important to have their feedback and ideas to nurture our project and retain the durability of the Proxy team. Our team is the connector between Decathlon and the suppliers.” 

– Fadwa WHIBI, OLAIAN Quality / Industrialization Production Leader at Decathlon Tunisia

“Our vision must be shared with all teammates and also inspire each of us especially during uncertain times. 

The role of each Vision Relay in each entity will be to maintain this inspiration with the help of our fantastic collective enrichments all over the world via the Vision website and obviously locally with organization of various workshops.

It will engage the first steps to involve each motivated teammates, partnership, citizens toward our mission : Sport for the many “Tunisian” “

– Yann PAVIOT, Leader of Decathlon Tunisia