Decathlon Taipei: Vision lays the foundation of the city project


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By Ceci Yip

Anne Marie

Anne Marie KE 

Xindian Store Leader at Decathlon Taipei

On 8 and 15 January 2021, Decathlon Taipei organised two workshops involving up to 35 Decathlonians to renew their 2-year city project. The five Vision Targets and seven Common Strategies of Decathlon United were used to lay the foundation of the project. After the workshops, five main causes were identified including Human, TranSPORT, Health, Local Living and Regenerative. They are very close to the Vision targets and each of them is accompanied by three strategies, which illustrates how Vision is transformed into local strategies and actions.

The first workshop engaged all the store leaders, collective leaders, and referents in Decathlon Taipei. The team first reintroduced the Vision 21.1 with the movie and concrete examples deployed around the world. After that, participants formed smaller groups to brainstorm the possible actions for each Vision target in regards to the situation in Taipei. Each group then used the Vision Radar to improve the ideas by creating a bigger impact and reaching the other targets.

A great number of ideas were generated by the teammates in the first workshop. One week later, the team organised a second workshop to review the collective ideas, prioritise and converge them into the final five causes. 

Decathlon Taipei Project 2021-2022

Eventually, four out of the five causes use the exact same words as the Vision targets. Anne Marie explains it is because of the high alignment between the beliefs of the teammates working in Decathlon and the Vision, and the clarity of the causes enables them to drive actions. The only difference lies in the “Human” cause. The team decided to put focus on “Human” instead of “Inclusive” because they believe that inclusiveness has to be present everywhere. In other words, it serves more as a pillar of the project instead of a cause to create strategies and actions. By focusing on “Human”, they do not only refer to the teammates working in Decathlon, but everyone in the ecosystem such as the customers, users, local government and partners.

Change brought by the Vision

The Decathlonians in Taipei find the Vision targets clear and easy to understand. It helps to give a direction to their everyday operations and decisions. “The Vision allows the team to focus on the important topics and gives insights on the desired future of all Decathlonians worldwide.” Anne Marie explains, “It also helps us to dig deeper into what we can do concretely.”

After the Taipei city project was confirmed, the business units also started to renew their project so as to align with it. It is observed that there is a change of the mindset of the teammates as they start to think about bringing a bigger impact to the others, such as Decathlon United and the partners. With a broader perspective, they are more motivated and engaged in driving change.

“I think Decathlonians care about what they work for, and where they’re going towards. With the Vision and the Taipei project, I’m able to show my team members inside my store which direction we’re going towards together. It’s important for our customers as well, as they need to know what the company serves for.”

– Anne Marie Ke