Decathlon Portugal: Adapted the Vision process to co-write the 2-year project for the Production Office


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By Ceci Yip

Pedro Castro


DP Portugal Vision Team Leader at Decathlon Portugal

As a Vision core team member, Pedro CASTRO brought the Vision process back to his country and experienced it locally with the Production Office team. After going through the 3 phases of Co-Inspiring, Co-Exploring and Co-Writing, the team has successfully created their 2-year project with 70 people collaboratively.

Phase 1 (Jan to Mar 2020): Co-Inspiring

At the beginning, a Vision Team of 10 motivated teammates was formed at the Production Office with the ambition of creating a collective experience to co-write their local Vision in 10 Years. The team highlighted 5 themes of inspirations and each theme was led by 2 leaders. The leaders started to communicate the United Vision by organising inspiring sessions with other Decathlonians in February. Moreover, a Co-Inspiring event was held in March engaging all the office teams during the lunch break, where everyone had the opportunity to contribute ideas for the 5 different themes. There were 130 new ideas generated all together.

Phase 2 (Apr to Sep 2020): Co-Exploring & Co-Writing

When the team was about to enter the Co-Exploring phase in April, they had to suspend the process due to Covid-19. However, the local Vision Team remained connected and started to explore new possibilities that could be done after the pandemic. In June, they returned to office and decided to accelerate the 130 ideas and transform them into a 2-year project. They adapted the scope of the Vision, and created 5 criteria to prioritise all the proposed ideas for the 2-year project. This led to a second collective movement of exploration and a fully digital Co-Writing event. In September, The DP Portugal Project 2022 was finalised and presented to all teammates in the office.

Project DP Portugal 2022

Phase 3 (Oct to Dec 2020): Co-Evolving & Implementation

From October onwards, the team focused on building the dynamics and preparing to transform from project to actions. They organised a Co-Evolving Workshop, and built the communication and project management tools, for example the DP Portugal Vision Website and Vision Newsletter. With seamless and transparent communication, they were able to drive actions more rapidly.

As Decathlon Portugal has a very important role in supply, the team places importance on involving the local supplier network in the co-creation. A series of 5 webinars is planned to share the Project 2022 with 35 suppliers and receive their feedback on how they want to participate in the co-creation with Decathlon. Furthermore, a special channel is created on a communication application – Slack for the supplier network to interact freely. 

Teammates’ testimony

“It’s the third time that I’m involved in the Vision project. Compared to the past exercises, it’s more organised this time. We have a complete team dedicated to it and everyone is committed. To motivate people to participate in the Vision, good communication is essential. Secondly ,we need to show the urgency of transformation in the fast-changing world. Thirdly, it is important to involve the right people. We started with 10 people who were naturally motivated by the Vision and also involved the leaders. Now, the whole team of 70 people are all engaged in it.” 

Rita MATOS, Production Team Manager at Decathlon Portugal

“This is my first time engaging in co-writing the Vision of a company. My first feeling was, this company must be crazy to ask their own teams to write their dreams for the future of the company. But after thinking about it, it makes total sense because the company is formed by the people, and the Vision of the people is basically the Vision of the company. Regarding the outcome and the future of the project, I am very motivated and enthusiastic, because the project is written and the strategies are built by everyone.” 

– Ivo SILVA, Quality Production Leader at Decathlon Portugal

Actions driven by Project 2022

The Production Office team was very motivated by the co-creation process and their Project 2022. The whole process was efficient and has driven over 60 actions since February 2021. The 3 main actions are highlighted below:

1. Zero-Destruction #Regenerative

Having a big cluster of ideas related to zero-waste throughout the Co-Writing process, the team turned it into a concrete action and created a repair centre in the warehouse. It serves as an area to recycle, repair and resell the products. Eventually, the team wants to give a second life to the worn-out products, and produce new solutions for the excess stock to reduce economic waste.

2. Stock Marketplace #Regenerative

Facing the problem of having extra stock of components in production, the team is planning to establish an online marketplace to resell the excess components to other Decathlon countries. In the future, there is also an opportunity to open the marketplace to other companies outside Decathlon.

3. Workplace Transformation #Local Living

The whole transformation is driven by a new mode of working and it is also described as an evolution of the collaborative universe. The team will redefine their time spent at the head office, home office, or co-working space to increase work efficiency. A smart schedule will be developed for everyone to plan and communicate the allocation of work time and location. To accompany the human transformation, the head office will be redesigned on its shape, space and facilities to improve the workflow. 

The Production Office in Decathlon Portugal has demonstrated an exceptional example of starting from the Vision to constructing a project, and finally driving actions. The team concluded that the formula of success is to play collectively. They believe that the project would not be as strong as it is now without the energy, ideas, and the groundbreaking thoughts contributed from everyone in the team.

“We need to bring people together to build something that they will be super proud and happy to live with. I think it is very important for us that this project is really from everybody to everybody.”

– Pedro CASTRO