Decathlon Poland x IKEA: Stay Sporty, Stay Homey



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By Ceci Yip

Decathlon Poland has created a brand new marketing campaign with IKEA to underline the importance of home training during the lockdown in the country in January and February 2021. The goal was to encourage the Poles to stay active and keep practising sports in times when their homes have become gyms and yoga studios with equipment and everything they need. 

New collaboration based on the same mission

The pandemic has changed our way of living – our homes have never been so sporty and sports have never been so homey. The crossover of a sports retailer (Decathlon) and a furniture retailer (IKEA) enabled an unconventional presence of sports at home in various forms.

Decathlon Poland realises that it is often a challenge for athletes to store sports equipment at home nowadays. But here comes IKEA, the furniture and home accessories expert who provides various options and smart solutions. Taking into account both company’s missions – to create a better everyday life and make sport accessible for the many,  the two companies decided to help people to bring sports home. 

The magic words and the creative campaign

Sports and homes may have more common characteristics than we think. The two companies started by looking at this, and they found it in the names of home products and sports exercises.

For example, “candle” is the name of both an IKEA product and a yoga pose The marketing content was created revolving around the ambiguity of certain words that the customers of Decathlon and IKEA can interpret in their own ways related to home decorations or sports. Thanks to this, one word talks to two universes at the same time, and the two brands form a total complement of each other.

The marketing campaign utilised outdoor advertising, social media and mailings to promote the importance of home training in a fun and adhesive way. 

Outdoor advertising - Decathlon Warsaw

Outdoor advertising in front of the Decathlon stores in Warsaw

Align to the Vision and create change

The project initiator, Krzysztof GOŃKA, found the campaign closely aligned with the Vision targets of Health and Local Living. Facing the challenges brought by the pandemic and lockdown, people have to stay at homes without normal access to sports activities. The collaboration with IKEA advocates a healthy and active lifestyle, and that everyone can exercise at home thanks to the creative & eye-catching storytelling.

“It’s really in our DNA to educate and inspire people by bringing sports and the associated benefits to the many! I hope this action will inspire other countries to make creative and interesting collaborations with other brands in order to make Decathlon a true sports love brand around the world!”

– Krzysztof GOŃKA

Project leader
Krzysztof GOŃKA

Krzysztof GOŃKA  

Senior Marketing Manager at Decathlon Poland