Decathlon Poland: Embody the Vision in the country project and live it everyday


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By Ceci Yip

Pawel Krawczyk


Development Leader at Decathlon Poland

Towards the end of 2020, Decathlon Poland was preparing to write a new country project. David DERUANE, the Country Leader, had a consent with the team that the new project has to align with the Vision and get all Decathlonians in the country involved in the co-writing process. Before the process began, the launching of the Vision has brought about many inspirations and reflections to the Decathlonians. Building from this solid ground, the country project has been co-written and incarnated with the 5 Vision targets. It has set a good pace to turn Vision into actions.

Vision Launching

During the first lockdown in Poland in March 2020, the team has demonstrated their agility to invest more time and effort on human development. Not only did they reinvent the digital solutions for sales, more training and seminars were also given to the teammates to inspire them with the Vision and latest trends. 

The Vision Relays were very active and motivated to present the Vision to every business unit in Poland. Teammates had room to discuss, exchange ideas and understand how every Decathlonian can live the Vision everyday in his or her own role.

Country Project Co-Writing

The local teams experienced a mature period of inspirations for around six months. In September 2020, 55 stores out of 60 have organised workshops to build SWOT analysis to nourish the country project. It was found that the Vision targets were very present in the SWOTs and propositions of the local teams.

After that, word clouds were generated from the local SWOTs and were used to build the country project. A working group consisting of store and service leaders was formed to identify and work on the main project areas. The country project was finalised in December and launched in the beginning of 2021 with all the leaders in Poland.

A new business model is created to develop online sales and focus on bringing positive impact to the people and the planet. The Vision has inspired the Decathlonians and facilitated the co-writing process. All 5 Vision targets including Health, Transport, Local Living, Regenerative and Inclusive are well present in the 6 areas of the country project.

Change to Decathlonians in Poland

The greatest change is the movement to act because the Vision has become very clear to the Decathlonians in Poland. They have a lot of confidence on the country project because they took part in it and were heard along the process. New local projects are expected to emerge more rapidly because of the co-creation methodology and the clarity of the country project. 

For example, the newly appointed city leader in Lodz has developed a new project aiming to create and test all new digital strategies in priority, and he has created an ecosystem based on the country project. Decathlonians in Poland will no longer seek a perfect solution before they act, but they will keep testing, improving, or abandoning the ideas if necessary. Change and actions will be derived faster with an entrepreneurship mindset.

“One of our biggest successes last year was that even though the world and retail have stopped for a while, we kept acting. It’s just like sports, when you stop, you need a bit of time to come back to the same rhythm. Therefore, we never stopped and it actually helped us a lot for our mentality, taking actions and turning our business model so fast to a much more omni-channel approach.”

Pawel KRAWCZYK, Development Leader at Decathlon Poland

“Vision is a great source of inspiration. It gives us a direction for Decathlon and leaves space to think of what it means for our country. We can interpret Vision locally, we can choose strategies specific for our country. Subsidiarity enables us to take our own decisions and adapt Vision to our local needs.”

David DERUANE, Country Leader of Decathlon Poland