Decathlon, Our Story – The Book on Human Transformation in Decathlon Belgium



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By Ceci Yip

Decathlon Belgium has been evolving from a closed, hierarchical structure to an open, agile and fast network since 2015. On 27 May 2021, Decathlon, our story was published to share the adventure of human transformation through the eyes of people who live the process. This book is for the readers who wish to be inspired by new forms of collaboration.

Why this book?

The team in Decathlon Belgium believes that the company will have a higher chance to reach 100 years old if it becomes open, agile and fast. The main reason for writing this book is to be open and transparent to share the transformation journey inside and beyond the company. Moreover, it provides theoretical framework and practical support to the people who are interested in human transformation of an organisation.

What is it about?

Human transformation affects all facets of an organisation: new ways of working and decision-making based on consultation and feedback, launching projects and creating networks, vulnerable leadership, recruitment and salary policy etc. The book tells the authentic story of the people who live this adventure on a daily basis. It is an adventure with its ups and downs, its followers and detractors, and that everyone integrates at their own pace. Their testimonies reveal what happens when a company and all its actors make a complete turnaround.

How does it incarnate the Vision?

Mathieu RENIER, leader of the project, shared a prerequisite for becoming an inclusive company – “We must first be open to all and trust the people.” That explains why 3,000 teammates in Belgium were invited to share their testimonies during the preparation of the book. It gave an equal chance for them to participate in the project. Also, the book is made available to the public to share the experience and the knowledge. On the other hand, it embodies the Local Living target as it is initiated as a local project and then shared to the global community.

What change will it bring?

The team hopes every Decathlonian will embrace authenticity and transparency in the company, and will be able to share their successes, fears and doubts without any limit. Furthermore, it is aimed to create a mindset change from competition to collaboration.

“I think human transformation is the most important among all changes, and trust is the base. If you start trusting people, you will get amazing and innovative mindsets.”

– Mathieu RENIER

“This book is everything we stand for in Decathlon Belgium. It is the co-creation of many stories of many people and how they experienced the last 7 years of our transformation. Nothing is left out, everything is super authentic and you feel the passion when reading.”


About the book

  • Currently available in Dutch and French
  • Printed and digital versions available
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Tiziana PRONO

Mathieu RENIER

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