Decathlon Italy: Vision has been integrated into every Decathlonian’s professional experience


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By Ceci Yip



Vision Leader of Decathlon Italy

Workshop Technician at Decathlon Fiumicino

Before devoting himself into the Vision, Fabio has been working as Workshop Technician at Decathlon Fiumicino. When the Vision process began, he became the very first Vision Relay and also joined the Core Team. He performs his role locally by communicating and explaining the Vision, proposing strategies at a country level for value creation. In Italy, the Vision has now been integrated into every Decathlonian’s professional experience.

Vision team structure

The involvement of leaders is essential to create opportunities for applying the Vision to all collaborators and partners. Hence, a Vision team was formed at the country level to accompany all Decathlonians who participate in the process. The team includes Fabio and three other mentors: Country Leader, Human Resources Leader and External & Corporate Communication Manager. 

Fabio works closely with his Country Leader Fulvio MATTEONI on the local application of the Vision. Since this binomial structure works well, they decided to replicate it in all 20 operational territories in Italy. Each territory has an Area Leader and a Vision Relay to create local playgrounds and turn Vision into actions. Fabio also leads the Vision Relay team, they have regular digital meetings and adapt the process to local needs.

Vision objectives and key results

The most important result to achieve is all Decathlonians in Italy live the Vision in their daily lives. Other key results include the Vision process is applied in each territory, and the impact of projects on the 5 targets. The objective is to create a cultural impact to the teammates on aligning local actions and initiatives with the Vision. Rather than imposing something new, Vision is used as a changemaker to transform the people’s approach. They can be more efficient, more recognised and more useful to the local community while working on the same scale.

Vision, strategies and KPIs

Fabio has explained a distinct relationship between these three concepts. The 5 Vision targets are used as a filter for writing local strategies and they are combined with economic sustainability as a measure of the value that each Decathlon project will create. After local strategies are confirmed, KPIs are used to evaluate the success of the strategies. Therefore, Vision is not a to-do list, it is a way to measure our evolution. If only one or several targets are chosen to work on, the impact and value creation will not be maximized. There is no one project that could achieve all the Vision targets, but we need thousands of projects aligning with them.

Future of Decathlon

The 2022 goal is that all Decathlonians in Italy will take part in the Vision and have projects created and uploaded to the Decathlon Project Platform from every territory. Leaders are encouraged to give teammates a period of start-up time, when they can devote energy and resources to test new initiatives aligned with the Vision. It will empower them to dream bigger and create value on their professional and personal developments.

In the future, Fabio imagines Decathlon will become a hub of initiatives, and a mother ship of Vision, value and purpose. These important elements will touch the local community, and they will live the same values but in different ways. It is believed that a new playground will be created not by using the resources of Decathlon but by the mindset and spirit.

“We have to be honest that it’s not easy, because you’re a pioneer. You have to be resilient. You can ask for help even outside your local community. You have to take care of others and show them what we are trying to do is creating value to them.” 

Fabio SILVESTRI, Vision Leader of Decathlon Italy

“The Vision process was, is and will be a fundamental part of our corporate culture.  What I learned from the first days of my experience in Decathlon is precisely “having a recurring Vision allows us to anticipate and not get lost.” However, in the coming years, we need to adapt our attitude to a world in continuous and fast change. to project ourselves into the future by improving our ability to integrate with others without ever denying who we are. We must be agile and for this reason I adapt my Vision process to my reality in order to be able to share it with local, internal and external actors. Feeding the local Vision process is the responsibility of each employee, but first of all of each leader. As a leader I am ready to make it live and evolve in the professions, projects and missions of my team, promoting a local collective goal that feeds on strategies aligned with the Vision targets.”

Fulvio MATTEONI, Leader of Decathlon Italy