Decathlon Hungary: Vision is the lighthouse to guide our direction and motivate our actions


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By Ceci Yip



Employer Branding Manager at Decathlon Hungary


Nikoletta MAGONY

Store Leader of Decathlon Szeged

Decathlon Hungary has started the Vision process very early. We can date back to February and March 2020 when around 400 Decathlonians have participated in the Co-Inspiring and Co-Exploring workshops. Panni and Nikoletta led a Vision Relay network of 9 people in total and yet became the 7th most active country in contributing dreams and stories to the Vision platform. The active participation and engagement brought about the later success of embodying the Vision in the country strategies and tactics. Below is the timeline of how the process was put in place:

Timeline Decathlon Hungary

Vision Tuesdays

One successful factor to turn Vision into action was the 3 virtual events – “Vision Tuesdays”. They served as teasers to prepare teammates for the year launching of 2021. Each virtual event took place between 8 to 9 am in the morning so that teammates working in retail were also able to participate before the store opened. The Vision process and 5 targets were presented to them and aroused their curiosity and enthusiasm. The presentation and discussions during the event made it easier for the official launching afterwards. Moreover, all the information about the Vision has been put on the Intranet of Decathlon Hungary since the beginning of the process.

Vision as the lighthouse

Decathlonians in Hungary feel positive and enthusiastic about the Vision, especially because it gave them the occasion to discuss the future together during the downturn of Covid-19. The Vision targets are seen as a lighthouse as they confirm the existing local projects and actions in Hungary are going in the right direction. 

For example, the local programme “Get The Most Out Of Sports” is closely aligned with the Inclusive target. Decathlon Hungary has been helping local schools to renovate their sports grounds in the last 7 years. Each year, there were 10 schools benefiting from the programme. It allows the young generation to practise sports in a safer and better environment. Another example is related to the Local Living target. A seasonal shop of 100 square metres is open next to a popular lake in Hungary during summer time. A focused product range of swimming and water sports equipment is provided in this store at the same prices as in other stores. The team aims to be where they are needed and allow the local community to enjoy summer by being well equipped with the required sports products and services.

With the 5 Vision targets, Decathlonians in Hungary have more confidence to continue and develop local projects upholding the United Vision of the company.

What’s next?

The team is convinced that the use of collective intelligence gives a strong sense of belonging to the teammates, and they are more engaged in the actions that are initiated and decided by them. Therefore, Vision Tuesdays will resume after the Easter holiday this year to allow more interactions, deeper discussions, and further development of the ideas derived from the Vision. They also want to connect Decathlonians with the external partners and sports communities to bring a second wave of inspiration and keep the Vision alive.

“The perception of everyday life is changing for teammates. Before, they just did their daily job like receiving the products, going to cash tills and speaking to the customers, again and again. But now I’m sure that they see there is a future, both for the company and for themselves.”

Nikoletta MAGONY, Store Leader of Decathlon Szeged

“Now if you ask them what their job is, maybe they wouldn’t only tell you “I’m selling basketballs”. Instead, they will tell you “I’m serving the purpose of building a better future, for the people and the planet.””

Panni DOBRI, Employer Branding Manager at Decathlon Hungary