Decathlon Germany: Vision kicks off with the discovery day


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By Ceci Yip

Ibtissam El OUCHAHI

Ibtissam El OUCHAHI

Exchange Project Manager, HR at Decathlon Germany



Expansion Manager at Decathlon Germany

A Discovery Day – UNSERE VISION was organised on 9 December 2020 to kick off the Vision in Decathlon Germany. It was a 1.5 hours digital event opened to all Decathlonians in the country, especially to the leaders who write local projects with their teams. More than 160 participants were present in the event, including the country leader André WEINERT.


  1. Decathlon Vision and Management Schema
  2. Introduction of Decathlon Vision V21.1 (by an interview with the Core Team member Julie Le Bourvellec)
  3. Decathlon V21.1 Film
  4. Explanation of 5 Vision Targets (by concrete actions and inspirations from the teammates)
  5. Co-Evolving Process (from Vision to “local action”)
  6. Q&A


Ibtissam and Lutz are both Vision Relays in Germany, they have performed the best example of teamwork to organise the event. The role of Ibtissam in Decathlon Exchange is to inform teammates and keep them close to the company cultures and values through various training. Since the new Vision creates a new sense, Ibtissam and the HR team decided to organise this event for mass communication and inspiration. During the preparation, Lutz generated local ideas and connected with the teammates to share examples to explain each target. They have made a remark for other countries or cities who want to organise similar events – broaden the Vision outside of the headquarter, to reach Decathlonians in the stores and even outside the company.


In general, teammates found the event very inspiring and it brought many positive energies. Moreover, the leaders from Switzerland and Austria were also brought together and participated in  the event.

Inspirational world cloud

Inspirational Word Cloud generated from the post-event survey

Survey Result: Which of the targets would you like to follow

Survey Result: Which of the targets would you like to follow first in your daily work?

Next steps

After the event, many ideas were generated and ready to be turned into actions. The team understands that there will be different needs and concerns of German people in different parts of the country. Therefore, their next action is to build the Vision network across different parts of Germany and keep the Vision alive.

In Decathlon Exchange Germany, the Vision content for communication and training will be updated. Moreover, inspirational newsletters will be sent to all Decathlonians in Germany every 2-3 months. Furthermore, the team will plan a workshop to rewrite and update the city project of Berlin to ensure it is aligned with the Vision targets. At the store level, inspirational events will be organised. External speakers will be invited to share their experience so as to encourage teammates in the stores to take the opportunity and write their own projects.

Influence of the Vision

Ibtissam is mostly touched by the target of Local Living, because all the stores in Germany are currently closed due to Covid-19. She thinks that this is the time to reflect on how we do and how we can be in our customers’ lives without the stores. It is also an echo of one of the causes in the last Vision: “be where we are needed”. She conveys a strong will to help people and the planet by bringing added value.

Lutz believes that the Vision can change people’s mindset on how they see the world. He hopes that it can break the limit of the functionality of stores, and Decathlonians can understand the company is driving a bigger change. He is now working with the international team on a new concept to open a local neighbourhood store in Berlin. It is planned to be integrated with a coffee corner for socialising, areas for working with external coaches, and also for bike rental services. The concept store will be very aligned with Local Living, promoting Transport and Regenerative Economy. 

Last but not least, it is hoped that the Vision can influence the leaders to offer teammates with more possibilities to spend their energy in different projects and missions, rather than only focusing on the business. In the long term, the number of products sold will no longer be the only KPI, but other factors related to the Vision will also be considered. By doing that, Decathlonians will understand we have the opportunity and power to drive change.

The idea is to have a lot of projects running and everybody can be part of it. With a small step, a small brick, another brick and another brick, at the end we will build a wall. A Positive Wall. So I think this could be a really huge influence on the mindset of all 5000 Decathlonians we have here, and we won’t only be seen as a cheap sports retailer, but as the starting point for sport. This is where we need to go.” 

Lutz MATTELSON, Expansion Manager at Decathlon Germany

What I think is particular about our company is that we are allowed to make mistakes. And if somebody decides tomorrow – okay I want to work on the Vision, he’s going to be so great to do that, and probably could put anything available to reach the targets. Also it’s really important that the country project is aligned with it, otherwise he could be limited. The Vision makes you stronger, helps you develop other skills and understand other areas.” 

Ibtissam El OUCHAHI, Exchange Project Manager, HR at Decathlon Germany