Decathlon Colombia: More than 50% of the teammates are engaged in the Vision in one month.


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By Ceci Yip

Mariana Velasquez  

Corporate Communications Specialist at Decathlon Colombia

Colombia is one of the most engaging and active countries in the global Decathlon Vision network. After the Vision launching in September 2020, in just one month, they have reached their original goal to ensure 50% of the teammates know about the vision, and accomplished 54% (190 teammates). Want to know their secret of success? We did this interview with the Vision Relay in Colombia.

What did you do to launch the Decathlon Vision in Colombia?

“First and foremost we need to make the teams and leaders understand why the Vision is important and transmit the sense of having and following a Vision. We want them to understand that the Vision is the starting point of most of our actions and strategic decisions, and it would be the principal inspiration for our country project. Before launching the Vision locally, we established perfect KPIs of what we want for the Vision, because we really want the Vision to be inside our Colombian and local projects.

When it comes to the launching, we organised the Vision Week, where we let people express everything they think about the Vision. We also have some local internal communication tools, to make people interact with the vision and really understand it by using different means. Lastly, we have proposed the “What Is Next”, because we don’t want to stop just after launching the Vision. We want people to get inspired, and live the Vision everyday.”

1. Establish KPIs
2. Vision Week 19-22 October

Fully digital events were organised targeting all the teammates in Colombia. With the use of Zoom, 2 sessions were organised per day from 19th to 22th October 2020. Each session was divided into 2 parts: Vision Explanation and Vision Workshop. In the workshop, recent news in relation to the 5 targets were given as inspirations, and the participants were asked to create a new product or service to help solve the problem or improve the situation from the news. Finally, 190 out of 350 teammates participated in Vision Week, which is 54% of all the teammates, the target was achieved!


3. Local Communication Tools 
  • 3 official mailings before, during and after the Vision Week
  • Private Instagram account for teammates only to boost interaction for the Vision
  • Local video combining the clips from the Instagram stories
  • Intranet with the Vision page to post all the information and the events calendar
How do Colombians feel about the Vision?

“The main comment is that people are very motivated and open to contribute and live the Vision. Considering our country project and priorities, some targets such as Health, Local Living, Inclusivity and Regenerative Economy would be our first targets to work on. Also, the priority targets and opinions about them could vary in different cities and stores. For some cities, TranSPORT is one of the most important targets but not the same case for others, that is why for Colombia we really motivate the services and stores to make their own local Vision inspired by the global Vision and local situation.”

How do you imagine the changes of Decathlon Colombia because of the Vision?

“I think the most impactful and motivated message for us is that EVERYBODY can be a Decathlonian and we really need to work and think in that way. We don’t need a blue jacket to be part of Decathlon or a Decathlonian and this is how we want to live our Colombian project. We want to be open to all and take opportunities which might not be in our plan a few years back. Now we are sure about this and the Vision inspires us to confirm that we are not alone. If we really want to satisfy our customers, teammates and stakeholders, we need to team up with others. 

Before the pandemic, we were not thinking about other marketplace or ways of selling, it was not an option for us. And now with the Vision, we know that Decathlon is working on it. We are not just a 3000 sqm store, we need to find this alliance who is in line with our values, strategy and thinking. We can do it, we can help others to grow with us, and we grow with them. This is another thing that for me is going to change, because of the Vision.“



“I want the Colombian people to be very happy of the place where they’re working, and they understand the objective of this enterprise and the objective of being here.

Mariana Velasquez, Vision Relay of Decathlon Colombia

“Vision from your local perimeter is the basis to know where you are, to decide the direction and the speed of actions to drive the change.”

Borja Sánchez, Leader of Decathlon Colombia