Decathlon Chile: local and small steps contribute to a bigger impact


Reading time: 4 minutes


By Ceci Yip



Jules NAVARRO, Store Leader at Decathlon Maipú, Chile

As a Vision Relay, Jules NAVARRO is driving the process of communicating the Vision to all Decathlonians in Chile and showing also the tools to help them take actions. He has delivered the Vision presentation in all the stores, warehouses and offices. Digital meetings and mailings have also been used to communicate the 5 targets. For the next steps, he will be working on a local website to consolidate all the Vision information in one place. Also, he will be building a team to write the 2-year country project and strategies aligned with the Vision.

Jules and his team believe that everyone can contribute to the Vision by taking small steps. Even before the 2-year project is written, he gave some examples of actions which are being implemented in Chile and demonstrating the 5 targets.


Sylvie CORRIGOU, Leader of Decathlon Chile, initiated “Decafé” in March 2020. It is an open dialogue in a digital format for all Decathlonians in Chile to discuss topics of “Inclusivity” and “Empowering Women”. The purpose is to open the space for all to share their experience and raise the issues in the workplace. It also encourages teammates to listen and understand others despite their roles and genders. The team is planning to open it further to externals and listen to the needs of different stakeholders, and find solutions to the current problems.


Decathlonians in Chile value the importance of education as much as commerce.  Apart from selling bikes to the users, they also take up the responsibility to educate them from a safety perspective. They designed posters with maps and safe routes to show users and teammates how to get to the stores by bike. Safety information such as the use of lights, helmets and other equipment were also provided to inform the users and reduce accidents. Among teammates, a WhatsApp group was created for those who are passionate about cycling or commute to work by bike to get first-hand information about the traffic and weather conditions.


“DecaRent and Donations” is an initiative to promote zero waste and second life of the products. The team is working on enabling the process of receiving donations and rental service of the products.

Health & Local Living

Being inspired by Decathlon Italy, Decathlon Chile also donated EasyBreath masks to the medical sector during the difficult time of Covid-19. They have made the first step to explore a potential cooperation with hospitals and public services to improve health of the local community. Moreover, the team wants to be more present in the everyday life of the users, therefore Decathlon E-club was created to provide free online sports classes by the teammates.

Decathlonians in Chile believe that we can all make a change at the local level with concrete actions, and the Vision allows them to reimagine retail in the future. A Decathlon Connect was just opened in December 2020, it is a small store closer to the community and brings a better customer experience with the use of technology. It is expected that a transformation will take place in order to adapt to the changing environment. The team is striving to build an ecosystem in every local zone and enable everyone to drive the change.