Creating a new role dedicated 100% to the Vision


Reading time: 4 minutes


By Ceci Yip



Vision Incarnator

Anna MUSZYNSKA first engaged in the Vision as a Vision Relay in Poland. With her strong belief in the Vision and determination to drive the change, she joined the Vision core team as a Co-leader of Future of Sportspeople in December 2019. This year, along with the Co-Evolving of the Vision, she moved from Poland to Belgium and created her own role as a Vision Incarnator serving both countries.

This interview is dedicated to knowing more about her role and the story of her Vision journey.

What is a Vision Incarnator?

“I am 100% dedicated to the Vision and I have three responsibilities: defining and enabling projects aligned with the Vision, aligning the existing projects with the Vision and network creation with local stakeholders. The short-term goal in 2022 is that Vision becomes a part of the everyday responsibility of Decathlonians in Poland and Belgium. By striving to achieve this goal and creating synergies in the global network, it is aimed that at the end of 2025 we will be transforming Decathlon from a product-oriented to a people-and-service-oriented company.”

Why do we need a Vision Incarnator?

“We have our units in Decathlon United who guided us to co-create our mission, values, purpose, and Vision. They are very aware of what’s going on in the world, and they are very agile. They’re good at anticipating change and the future. What’s missing is the connection with the other parts of Decathlon, which are our store units, warehouses, production etc. So what I want to achieve as a Vision Incarnator is to connect these two parts. Where we create the Vision and deploy it in our everyday responsibility, thus we create value around people, planet and profit by acting within a regenerative economy.”

What motivated you to be 100% dedicated to the Vision?

“There was a Values and Intentions III Training in Poland three years ago where I met Julie, one of the Core Team members from Decathlon Exchange. I had a strong feeling that I want to be surrounded by these people who are goal orientated and Vision connected. They are at the top of the pyramid of self actualization who see something more. They do what they do, not only for the sake of money but because they believe in something, and that their personal Vision aligns with the Vision of our company. I decided to be a Vision Incarnator because of the same reason.”

Why do you want to inspire others?

“If I can do it, anyone can do it. I did it also to prove people that you can achieve anything you want, and be whoever you want. This is the end of the era of the hierarchy and pyramid structure. It doesn’t matter what’s the name of your role. It matters who you are and what you bring to the table. It is important to listen to people and empower them, also to be prepared and resilient to anticipate the future.”

What is your ambition for the Vision?

“Poland and Belgium are just the first steps, and I have a huge opportunity to cooperate with all Vision Relays around the globe. I also dedicate my time to help them because I really believe in it, and I want people to achieve their full potential. I want to make sure that everyone knows about our Vision and understands it. If every single person creates their Vision based on our five targets, then the whole company will be heading the same direction. So that’s my objective, I want to create a synergy which starts with one and serves for the many.”